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Love the super shallow depth of field and backlight here.
Looking for light.
I've made a quiet promise to myself to make more use of the big camera just for me this year. Having it with me really made me slow down on my lunchtime walk with Mindy yesterday.
Patient pals waiting for me to take this shot before getting their shoulders under.
Taking the painful walk in her stride.
Cracking dook yesterday. Beautiful light and company. I took a  minute at the end to float on my back and take in the view and the moment - bliss.
Posting three black and white from same day because grid. (I do also love the shot). Social media expert friends - is this important or should I bin the slave to the matchy grid thing? My insta game has been shocking and too much over thinking has led to complete non existence. Might try upping my game, advice welcome!
Love his face. All of him actually. This is from a recent freezing jaunt up the Pentlands. I really enjoyed all of the family time we had over Christmas, especially when we managed to get them out of their oodies, off their screens and into the fresh air.
Is it too late to wish you all a HYN? Probably. This one turned 12 yesterday - yikes! This is from a recent hike up the Pentlands where the wind was cold but spirits were high. 
In other news - my website is a bit broken at the moment so give me a shout here or on if you're trying to get in touch. Thank you!
So lucky to have this on my doorstep and delighted to have set the alarm for this yesterday.
Absolute cracker of a swim yesterday.
Lovely Kirsty of Hopipola Handwovens - check out her page to see some examples of her beautiful work.
It was so interested to spend a couple of hours with Kirsty learning about her creative process. I love helping small business owners create images which reflect their personality and brand. Give me a shout if you'd like to know more.
I loved this personal branding shoot with supremely talented Kirsty of Hopipola Handwovens. Give me a shout if you run a small business and need to refresh your own photos, I'd love to help.
Love his wee expression here.
Wee Keir taking a little rest. 🥰
Love this one from Keir's mini shoot. Isn't he gorgeous?
Listening to Sir Geoff Palmer recount a time in the 60s when he was told to 'go home and grow bananas'. 
Shot for Holyrood Magazine.
Sir Geoff Palmer for Holyrood Magazine. This shot was taken after the shoot was well and truly done but Sir Geoff was so generous with his time and  I was treated to some fascinating stories about his life.